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Here are links to external* sites that may be of interest:

(In German)Web site of the Heinrich Hoffmann museum in Frankfurt, Germany, which is devoted to Frankfurt physician Heinrich Hoffmann(1809-18940, his book Struwwelpeter, and the large literature it has generated. It has a moving display of most of the stories; a biography of Hoffmann; a description of the museum, and a list of books that can be ordered.

(In English and German)Web site of Edition Tintenfass in Neckarsteinach, near Heidelberg, Germany, which specializes in children's books, minority languages and dialects. Lists their books, including Der Eurostruwwelpeter ( The 10 Struwwelpeter stories, one in each of the official languages of the European currency union); Hans un Yarick (a bilingual English/Pennsylvania Dutch Max&Moritz); D'r elsàssische Strubelpeter (a bilingual Alsatian/French Struwwelpeter). Gives a US distributor where these can be ordered.

(English and German) This site offers a CD giving Struwwelpeter in French, English (Mark Twain's translation), and the original German. The entire text can be viewed on the site.

* Links open in a new browser window. They are provided for your convenience only, and endorsement is neither implied nor given. Iolair Publishing does not control their content.

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