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Max and Moritz 2000
Max & Moritz 2000

Max and Moritz 2000, by Wilhelm Busch and Colin Blyth

Hardcover, 64 pages. Iolair Publishing 2006. ISBN 0-9641804-3-X

A deluxe bilingual edition, giving the pictures and German verse of Wilhelm Busch's 1865 Max und Moritz, with new, closer, English translations side by side. These translations try to follow Busch's use of straightforward language whose natural spoken rhythm fits the 2/4 march time of his lines. At the very end, the English deviates into a happy ending: Max & Moritz slip out, and Müller&Bauer go through the mill instead. Water coloring has been added to the original illustrations, giving them much more color than even the later Braun&Schneider editions, but not so bright and simplistic as present day editions in Germany. The front cover, instead of the usual M&M portrait, has the picture of M&M dancing in delight as the bridge collapses under Böck, and the back cover shows the same scene in stained glass.

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