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Struwwelpeter 2000

Struwwelpeter 2000, by Heinrich Hoffmann and Colin Blyth

Hardcover, 64 pages. Iolair Publishing 2000. ISBN 0-9641804-2-1

A deluxe bilingual edition. Gives the colored illustrations and German verses of Der Struwwelpeter, with new, closer, English translations that try to copy Hoffmann's use of easy straightforward language whose natural rhythm closely fits the rousing 2/4 march time of his lines. Some of the translations are followed by upbeat endings, with illustrations. Conrad gets his thumbs back:

In hospital a surgeons's team
Sews both back on, so neat and clean.
We're all relieved that modern surgery
Can cope with Conrad's dire emergency.....
Where Robert had gone, none could say:
Until next morning all the people
Saw Robert clinging to the steeple.
The fire department got him down,
A cheer rang out through all the town...

Even Paulinchen and Kaspar are none the worse for their adventures - the original illustrations are taken to be definitive, but the eyewitness accounts are described as mistaken.

A final page describes the making of "suncatchers" - stained glass window hangings - in the shapes of Struwwelpeter figures, with illustrations including a stained glass Peter is shown on the back cover.

This book was a finalist in the 2001 Independent Publishers Book Awards

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